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High Performance Construction Products

Getting the best results on your project takes a high performance approach. The right design team. The right engineers. The right tradespeople to put it all together. And, of course, the right high performance construction products. Everything is connected.

BASF chemistry improves the performance of many materials used in numerous aspects of building and construction. Through years of research and development, working in tandem with our customers, we have developed a complete range of ways to make building and construction better.

For quick and easy access to the company’s building and construction portfolio of more than 600 technologies and product offerings, visit to find detailed information and innovative solutions on the more than 75 construction solution and product categories offered by BASF.

Building Envelope technologies

for roofs, walls and foundations – no matter the size or shape of your design.

HVAC & Plumbing components

for high-efficiency comfort conditioning and plumbing systems.

Renewable Energy systems

harness the power of nature to create a clean, inexhaustible supply of energy.

Concrete, Additives & Infrastructure technologies

for improved durability, strength and lifecycle cost.


protect your investment from weather, water, chemicals and wear.

Landscaping & Exterior Aesthetics

help sell a home or make a statement about a business.


are safer, more dimensionally stable and offer improved resistance to weather, impact and scratches.


improve aesthetics, indoor air quality, durability and environmental responsibility.